Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15


I got a sample size of this lip treatment in my Sephora birthday present package, which was in April. I am a big fan of tinted lip balms, so I was very excited to try this one. It’s very smooth and moisturizing, with a light rose scent. It gives the lips a slight rosy tint, kind of like “your own lips but better” tint. It wears great and is long lasting, but does need reapplying after meals and such, so it doesn’t really live up to the claim that it’s supposed to last 6 hours. The fact that it has SPF 15, however, in reality, in order to actually have sun protection you need to wear at least SPF 30, so there’s not much to say about that. Since I got it for free, I can’t comment on the price, but the full size retails for $22.50, which is rather expensive for a lip balm, but if you want to make the investment, it is worth the money. Here are my ratings for this products:

1. Quality – 5 – Fresh is a higher end brand which uses a lot of natural ingredients, giving their products a luxurious feel, which is true for this lip treatment.

2. Price – 3 – $22.50 for a lip treatment is a lot of money, but again, if you are able and willing to make the investment, it is worth it

3. Wearability – 4 – This lip treatment wears very comfortably, is very smooth, and not at all waxy or sticky on the lips

4. Longevity – 4 – For a lip balm, this is a very long-lasting product, but obviously it doesn’t last all day, or even the 6 hours it claims to last.

5. Scent – 5 – This has a very light rose scent, which happens to be one of my favorites so I quite enjoy it.

6. Safe for oily/acne prone skin – N/A

Overall, this is a very good product, but I probably wouldn’t invest into the full size one. This is my personal preference because I am not willing to spend $22.50 on a lip balm.


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