Caudalie Eau De Beaute (Beauty Elixir)

I got this on a whim, when I was shopping for a birthday present for my mom in Sephora. My mom had one of the makeup ladies try a powder on her and the lady suggested to finish off the powder with this spray. The best way to describe this elixir is would be to call it a finishing spray because it doesn’t set your makeup. It may be similar to MAC’s Fix Plus Spray in that it just makes the powder on your face look less powdery. It smells very natural and feels very cool on the skin. It is a good product for those who wear mineral foundation or any other type of powder if you want your face to look less powdery. It won’t do anything to help your makeup stay in place though, so beware.

The price for this product is $18 for 1 fl oz, which is a lot, but since Caudalie claims that it is all natural and doesn’t have any of the following:
– Parabens
– Sulfates
– Synthetic Fragrances
– Synthetic Dyes
– Petro-Chemicals
– Phthalates
– GMOs
– Triclosan

this is a very good choice for those who like natural products or have extremely sensitive skin, like my mom, which is why the lady recommended this particular spray. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but with my oily skin I really need something that will hold my makeup in place, so I won’t be purchasing this again.

Here are my ratings for this product as always:

1. Quality – 4 – It does exactly what is says it’s supposed to do, which is to smooth skin and make it look radiant.

2. Price – 3 –  For such a small amount of product, it is quite pricey.

3. Wearability – 4 – It wears all day, although, again, with my oily skin, I really need something stronger than this for it not to slide off my face

4. Longevity – 4 – It wears quite well as long as you don’t touch your face. It can also be reapplied, so no problem there and the fact that the bottle is so small means you can take it with you and reapply throughout the day as needed

5. Scent – 5 – It has a very nice natural/herbal smell

6. Safe for oily/acne prone skin – 5 – this is definitely safe considering the fact that it is pretty much all natural.

Overall this is a good product for those who like to freshen up their face and don’t have any major skin issues.

Please leave comments and suggestions as well as requests for any products you would like reviewed. I would greatly appreciate it.


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