The American Definition of Beauty and Trophy Wives

Tall, thin, blonde, and beautiful. There’s the standard for all you girls to adhere to in the western world. And if you don’t, well then, you’re not exactly beautiful…at least not in the media-promoted, televised, brainwashed way. And of course there are plenty of brands out there that have put out advertisements supporting all shapes and sizes of women, but let’s be honest here, no one is going to beat a 6-foot-tall, curvy/thin, exotic Victoria’s Secret model. Oh and don’t forget to tan so you look “healthy”, never mind that it will probably give you skin cancer in the near future.

It’s a sad day for me when I see perfectly normal, beautiful girls say things like “I hate my body” and “I’m fat” or “This dress looks terrible on me”. What’s even sadder is that in response to our shifting gender roles, the smart, good looking, accomplished guys now prefer these tall thin blonde catalogue models that can’t add 2 plus 2 without a calculator because it makes them feel more secure about themselves. They don’t have to compete with a girl who has a brain and an opinion about something.

The gender role lines are so blurred that the guys choose the easy way out and us girls that have an inkling of common sense just don’t know what to do with ourselves because we don’t want to settle for the guy that kills bugs for a living. These guys, inadvertently are just chasing waterfalls in the pursuit of acquiring a trophy wife because yes, from a distance they are beautiful and inspiring, but up close and personal they are dangerous and slippery.

The whole time I’m writing this, I’m thinking to myself – why do I keep saying no to things I want to eat and dragging my ass to the gym to sweat and be sore. Yes of course I want to be healthy and strong, but this obsession with being thin has been instilled in my brain since elementary school. Fortunately I chose books over nail polish back in the day, but the whole concept of beauty in American society stems from photoshopped cover models, making it realistically unattainable.

So how can you ever be completely happy with yourself if you can never attain perfection?

Please stop trying to attain perfection – IT DOESN’T EXIST.

And those freckles you have or your unruly curly hair – leave them be – that IS beauty, because that is your NATURAL beauty and there’s nothing better than that. No amount of silicone, botox, and makeup is going to make you truly beautiful unless you are happy with yourself in a realistic way. Inner beauty always shines through.

And those guys chasing their trophy wives – as much as it saddens me, let them go after pretty faces and blonde hair, in 20 years or so there will be nothing left of that.


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